Conferences and Workshops

Previous Conferences and Workshops

- 2013 -

'Controlling neglected tropical diseases: a biosocial approach', 10-1 July 2013, Royal Anthropological Institute and School of Social Sciences, Brunel University, UK

The programme is available from here


- 2012 -

'African Environment - what is social-ecological resilience and how might we achieve it?', 14 December 2012, Oxford Brookes Universtiy, UK

Prominent international and UK-based academic speakers presented case-studies that explored and inform an in-depth discussion on the relevance of the concepts of social-ecological resilience, and how these might be applied to African environments.


- 2011 -

'Applied Evolutionary Anthropology: Darwinian Approaches to Contemporary World Issues', 14-16th September 2011, University of Bristol, UK

The aim of this workshop was to bring together anthropologists and other interdisciplinary scientists who are currently applying
evolutionary approaches to contemporary world issues.

Themes included:
1) Changing reproductive and livelihood strategies
2) Food insecurity and intrahousehold resource allocation
3) Co-operative norms and habitat conservation
4) The impact of development intervention and social policies
5) Implications of emerging environmental pressures (e.g. disease, population growth and climate change).

You can see the photos of the workshop from here!


- 2010 -

'Intergenerational and Familial Influences on Obesity and Related Conditions' 16-17th September, 2010. Durham University, Durham, UK

The programme is available from here


- 2009 -

'Ethics in the Field: Contemporary Challenges in Biological Anthropology, Social Anthropology and Primatology' 24-25th April, 2009. Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK

'Labour, Value and Experiment: Anthropological Reflections on Transnational Medical Research' 22nd February, 2009. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK


- 2007 -

'Unhealthy Professional Boundaries?  Working together in Health and Social Care' 4-5th December, 2007, Goodenough College, London, UK

'Theories and Methods in Applied Biocultural Anthropology', 19-20th October 2007, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, USA


- 2006 -

'Medicine and Evolution', 11-12th December 2006, York, UK

'Fieldwork: examining its practice by biological anthropologists and primatologists', 5-6th May, 2006, Department of Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University, UK

'Health, Risk, and Adversity: A New Synthesis from Biological Anthropology', 7-10th April 2006, Grey College, University of Durham, UK


- 2005 -

'Space, Movement and Health: Biosocial Perspectives', 18th April 2005, Wolfson Research Institute, University of Durham, Stockton-on-Tees, UK


- 2004 -

'Alloparenting in Human Societies', 7-8th May 2004, British Medical Association House, Tavistock Square, London, UK