To celebrate 30 years of the Biosocial Society, we are offering a further two postgraduate conference travel awards this year in addition to the usual conference and fieldwork bursaries given out in April and October each year.

Small Research Grants Funding

- Award of up to £1000 are available to help with costs associated with fieldwork or data collection.

Conference Presentation Funding

- Award of up to £500 are available towards the cost of participation at a conference.


The deadlines for these bursaries are as follows:

12 July 2013: Conference bursary applications
11 October 2013: Conference and fieldwork bursaries applications
10 January 2014: Conference bursary applications
11 April 2014: Conference and fieldwork bursaries applications


Guidelines and application forms can be downloaded from below:


Small Research Grant Funding Application Form

Conference Presentation Funding Application Form

To apply, please send a proposal to the secretary of the Biosocial Society: Beki Langford (secretary@biosocsoc.org).


Bursary award winners

Small Research Grants Fundings

- 2013 -
Yitka Graham (University of Sunderland), 'An exploration of how bariatric surgery affects patients’ lives in the first two years following surgery'
Dalia Iskandar (Durham University), ‘Adolescents as malaria health promotion actors in Bararaza: a school-based education project using Photovoice.’

- 2012 -
Lys Stevens (University of Cambridge), ‘Ethnoprimatology of human-bonobo gestural communication and conservation practices in post-war Democratic Republic of Congo.’
Harriet Fisher (University of Bristol), ‘Exploration of the inequalities in uptake of the HPV vaccination programme’

- 2011 -
Nadine Levine (University of Oxford), ‘The making of metabonemics and personalized therapies: An ethnography of post-genomic health technologies.’ (her publication in SBHA is here)
Teresa Miller (University of Oxford), ‘Indigenous environmental aesthetics: an exploration of Ramkokamekra (Canela) gardening practices and biocultural diversity in Maranhao, Brazil.’

Conference Presentation Fundings

- 2014 -
Nicole Daniels (University of Cape Town, South Africa), 'Changing Society', British Sociological Association’s (BSA) Annual Conference, 23rd -25th April, 2014 at University of Leeds, UK.

- 2013 -
Laura Montesi (University of Kent), ‘Making sense of diabetes among the indigenous Huave people of San Dionisio del Mar, Oax., Mexico’, "The Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, 19th-21st Centuries. Advances, Perspectives, and Challenges," 28-31 October 2013 at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, Oaxaca City, Mexico.
Sian Waters (Durham University), ‘How Metaphysical Boundaries and Borderlands Affect Primate Conservation: A Case Study of Barbary macaques and Shepherds in Bouhachem Forest, Northern Morocco’, International Mammalogical Congress at Queen’s University, Belfast.

- 2012 -
Heidi Colleran (University College London), 'The evolution of low fertility: kin, cultural and socio-ecological influences in rural Poland', 29th Annual Human Behaviour and Evolution Society (HBES) Meeting, June 2012

- 2011 -
Caroline O'Connor (Durham University), 'Changing ecologies and female pubertal development', SSHB conference, December 2011